The Power of Less: 30 Seconds to a Happier You

First let me say, my other ‘career’ is in health and wellness where, for over 20 years, I played in that sandbox with a leader in the wellness space. As the head of an organization, and that can mean most any collection of people, I have recognized the value of taking time to keep my emotional and physical wellbeing in check. Being both physically and emotionally fit keeps things in perspective and helps me to better respond to situations versus react to them, at least more of the time.

As I have heard and have found myself, taking care of yourself is essentially about time – having it when you think you don’t. In between your time here at Cranwell relaxing and gaining perspective on living, I would suggest there are at least 30 ways to live better by making better choices in less than 30 seconds for each ‘exercise’.   Here are 5 that I hope will help, some you may have done and can start again, some may be new and hopefully exciting!

1. Floss Standing on One Foot

Flossing has been proven to help reduce the risk of cardio vascular disease by reducing inflammation which is a result of minimizing bacteria systemically traveling throughout your blood stream. The standing on one foot promotes balance, perhaps the most important element for longevity of movement.

2. Smile at 30 or More People Each Day

Smiling sends a neurological message to your brain you are happy – thus you are.

3. Take the Stairs – Always

Simple but true, even if you are in a 20 story building, take a few flights of stairs and then jump on the elevator.

4. Add One Fruit or Vegetable to Your Daily Diet

“Whole foods” is not just the name of a store; it is the most effective way to nourish your body. I would suggest you choose organic produce which is even more important with today’s food supply.

5. Scream Out Loud

Scream as loud as you can – a release that refreshes! I prefer the car as it allows for a lower risk of disturbing others. You may have used primal screaming in the past but not by yourself which is a very different experience.

Check back soon for the next 5 things on our list of 30 second things you can do to have a positive impact on your health!

Carl Pratt
General Manager
Cranwell Resort, Spa and Golf Club

Photo credit: Alex